Antony Potts; known better by his stage name Phaze Gawd has set out to make a name for himself within the hip hop community with an original sound by combining new age hip hop, raw lyricism, and versatility. Having a strong passion for writing, especially poetry and short stories, Phaze Gawd is ready to show the world his undeniable talent laced with musical creativity. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Phaze had an interest in music since a young child. Growing up in a household with a musician as a father, it was only a matter of time before Phaze Gawd would venture off and create music of his own.

Along with being an MC, Phaze Gawd is also a budding music producer and actor. When it comes to rapping, Phaze is a devout student of versatility and is open minded to new sounds. Delivering high energy, rapid fire lyricism, and head nodding beats on every song he makes, it is evident that passion undeniably runs through his music. Phaze prides himself on putting on high energy shows leading him into setting up his own series of shows around the Charlotte area which has enabled him to work with other local artists . Phaze Gawd uses his innate sense of leadership and musical prowess to set the tone for his counter parts and artist around by any means.


All Praise Phaze Gawd

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